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Methius, Trento DOC Riserva


Trento DOC Brut Riserva

Place of origin: hill belt of Faedo and Pressano at 350 - 500 m of altitude
Vineyard: the cultivation system is the traditional pergola of Trento. However, a short and discreet pruning  and thinning  of the bunches of grapes halve the production which would otherwise flourish. 
Grape Variety: 60 % Chardonnay, 40 % Pinot Nero 
Vinification: in white with fermentation in barrels  for the Chardonnay 
Ageing: preparation of the "cuvee” in the spring following grape harvest.
Bottling and slow second fermentation at a temperature of  11°C. 
Then matured in bottles for about five years, with periodic  stirrings in yeast suspensions. 
Then follows the phase of  "remuage" on "pupitres".
At the end of this cycle the dégorgement with the addition of a "liqueur d'expedition" (dissolving either cane sugar or beet sugar in a quantity of wine and adding this to the bottle after disgorgement)  is performed. 
The sparkling wine thus obtained matures for a further  6/8 months before being  marketed, 
Colour: light yellow with golden reflections, the "perlage" presents a very thin and persistent grain. 
Aroma: intense and complex, slightly spiced and with the scent of ripe fruit  
Taste: all-encompassing foaming but not harsh. Sensation of softness and richness with long persistence, thanks to a good structure and equilibrium  
Recommended accompaniments: it is perfect with hors d’oeuvres and fish but is also excellent with all courses.

History of Methius

The Trentino is a land undoubtedly suited to the production of base sparkling wines.
If a hand-crafted production is added, respecful of traditions, this then produces TRENTODOC, tthat is the classical method of Trento. It is from these assumptions that in1986 METHIUS TRENTO DOC was created thanks to the friendship between oenologist friends: Carlo Dorigati and Enrico Paternoster.
The Trento Doc Methius is produced only in reserve typology, solely to highlight the excellent quality of this product and its uniqueness.
The ageing wine cellar, located in Mezzocorona (Trentino), dates back to the early years of the 20th century, is completely underground and constructed with "barrel vaults" almost entirely in square stone.
Here the Methius bottles rest for 60 months, at a temperature and humidity that remain constant throughout the year.

The name "Methius" comes from a local toponym that associates the origin of the product to the native territory.
The etymon of the name chosen is lost in history. Everybody knows that already by 1150 (Prince Bishop and Count Meinhard II of Tyrol) the name of the two small villages situated in "Piana Rotaliana" were: Methius Coronae (today Mezzocorona) and Methius Sancti Petri (today Mezzolombardo) where the common radical "Methius" derives from the celtic and from the vulgar latin..