Cantina Fratelli Dorigati

This for us is making wine, for more than 150 years

Diving into history in search of its origins is a fascinating journey.
Discover as the story of a family intersect with world conflicts, economic crises, floods, phylloxera and downy mildew, but also with many positive and happy events, with weddings and births, oenological achievements, in a continual mold individuals and Group, to mark as milestones, the history of our company-family.

This concept of "family-farm" we believe it was the strength that Pius Louis, Emilio and John Franco and Carlo and finally to Michael and Paul, has nurtured a love for the land and work in harmony, even today , the fifth generation, feels alive, as it was for the founder Louis and for all other players in this adventure through three centuries.

  • 1858

    Luigi Dorigati (1827-1906), building surveyour, founds in Mezzotedesco (today Mezzocorona) the family–owned wine cellar, in Piazza della Chiesa.

  • 1906

    Pio Dorigati (1860-1928), one of Luigi’s 15 sons, takes over the business upon the death of his father, after supported him for about ten years in the management of the vineyard. He was the first member of the Dorigati family to attend the Agricultural School of San Michele, founded in 1874 by Edmund Mach. Still in 1906 Pio built the new wine cellar in via Dante 5, a few tens of metres from the old premises.

  • 1928

    When Pio died , his sons Giovanni (1909-1983) and Remo took over (1925-1942), that is the third generation.

  • 1942

    Upon Remo’s death, his brother Emilio (1912-1966) returned to the firm to join Giovanni. This latter in turn attended the Agricultural School of San Michele.

  • 1955

    Expansion of the wine cellar was performed to adjust to the increase in production and to the wine trade. The expansion mainly consisted of the construction of about fifteen concrete tanks.

  • 1964

    Franco (1941) joined the firm, after having attended Vocational Technical High School, in the business management together with his uncle Giovanni, due to the serious illness that precisely that year affected his father, Emilio.

  • 1966

    Emilio died from a serious illness. Giovanni and his nephew Franco stayed to run the business.

  • 1968

    After studying oenology in San Michele (having obtained a diploma in 1968), Carlo also joined the firm (1947-2011) to help his brother Franco in the running of the enterprise.

  • 1986

    In 1986, from a friendship between the oenologist Carlo Dorigati and the oenologist Enrico Paternoster began an adventure in the world of the sparkling wine with the TRENTO DOC "METHIUS".

  • 1998

    Michele (1970), Franco’s son, after having attended the school of wine growing and of oenology at the Agricultural School of San Michele (graduated in 1989), achieved a degree in Biological Sciences at the Univeristy of Padua. It was thus that he joined the firm helping his father and uncle.

  • 2011

    Paolo (1987), Carlo’s son, after having attended the institute for wine growing and oenology at the Agricultural School of San Michele (graduated in 2007), concluded his academic career with a double degree in Oenology Trento (I)-Geisenheim (D). Now, together with his cousin Michele and his uncle Franco, he runs the family business.

  • 2011

    In 2011, during the grape harvest, Carlo died due to a tragic work accident. It was thus that a light that had brought splendour over years to Dorigati Winery, with wisdom and intelligence was extinguished. The void left shook the whole family, who would keep with pride the memory of Carlo in their heart, without ever forgetting his passion for the land and for wine.