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Sommer-Jobs: Entblaetterung, Halbirung der Trauben und Bewässerung

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    Sommer-Jobs: Entblaetterung, Halbirung der Trauben und Bewässerung

    The summer goes on, and the heat and the sun finally arrived to accompany our vines to maturity.

    The arrival of warm imposed also the beginning of irrigation. In fact, despite the Trentino area is very rainy, our soils are the Piana Rotaliana silt-sandy, with a high presence of pebbles under the 60/100 cm. This implies an optimal drainage of water, which is retained in the soil shortly.
    This is important from the point of view of quality because of an excellent balance vegeto productive. On the other hand imposes irrigation not to bring too much stress in plants.
    On almost all of our vineyards use drip irrigation, while we still have a small area of sprinkler irrigation.
    The irrigation therefore do not need to push the plants and increase production, but rather to maintain an optimal physiological balance.

    Nearing completion however, is the peeling or removal of the leaves in the cluster. On the pergola this work takes much time, but if done well can have the grapes well ventilated areas, resulting in lower humidity and less chance of development of pathogens such as downy mildew and powdery mildew. In doing so it also exposes the clusters to better treatments for pest management.

    Speaking of pest we can say that now we are almost in the finishing straight. The pressure of downy mildew and powdery mildew fungi is gradually declining, and so the defense is now limited only to the use of copper and sulfur.

    We have just recently started thinning of the bunches instead, to reduce the production and balance the plants, which will ripen better in a more appropriate amount of grapes. On Teroldego for example, is cut the tip of the bunch, often affected by desiccation of the spine.