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sMart Wine Experience - Freitag, 26. April

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    sMart Wine Experience - Freitag, 26. April

    Friday, April 26, will take place from 19.00 to 23.30 at the Mart in Rovereto (TN) (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art), the SMART WINE EXPERIENCE.
    To organize it will be the GIOVANI IN FERMENTO (of which we are a part) in a location quite exceptional.

    The protagonists are the wines of young people in turmoil, accompanied by trout, vegetables and meats Gresta Valley Trentini creatively elaborated and proposed by NemaSushiMori.

    GIOVANI IN FERMENTO present will be:

    BALTER - CASATA Monfort - Dorigati - Gaierhof - MOSER - PEDROTTI - PISONI - REVI - ZANOTELLI - ZENI

    Everything will be accompanied by the music of Dj FEDERICO PADOVANI directly from RADIO STUDIO PIU '.

    Time: from 19.00 to 23.30


    - The 15 € including a TrentoDoc, a glass of wine, a tasting of TrentinSushi, Trentodoc a soup and a plate of vegetables Gresta Valley.

    - To book please write to: or call us at:
    338 8241159
    348 3834274

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