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"Bollicine in Chalet"...natürlich Trento doc

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    "Bollicine in Chalet"...natürlich Trento doc

    Friday, December 7, 2012 at the nightclub Studio One on Monte Bondone (Trento above) will be a different evening: Bubbles in Chalet. Do not miss the fun and the music that usually characterize this popular nightclub. In addition there will be, to enliven the festive night 9 Trento DOC as many young producers. Besides us with our Methius Trento DOC Brut Riserva 2007 will also be Balter, Gaierhof, Monfort, Moser, Pedrotti, Revi, Zanotelli and Zeni.
    Entrance will be served a glass of Trento DOC included in the entrance.
    Below is some information. We wait.

    Music '70 '80 '90
    Guest DJs & voice
    MAX Marcozzi from IMPERIAL BAY

    House & commercial
    Guest DJ TABA from JUNKBEAT

    Shuttle service available on request.
    Input, consumption and shuttle € 20

    List € 13
    Full price € 15

    Info - List & shuttle: