Cantina Fratelli Dorigati

Two ingredients: simplicity and respect

Over the past fifty years at the Dorigati winery, both love for wine-growing and dedication to the vineyards as well as a passion for transformation of the grapes into wine and thus vinification are clearly evident.

It isn't secret recipes or special vinifications that make our wines good but on the contrary, the simplicity and respect for the product that comes out of the vineyard.

For the alcoholic fermentation we use selected yeasts. Contrary to popular belief, we believe that the selected yeast does not  denaturalise our wine, making it standardised. But rather we are convinced that the option of choosing the yeast that is most suitable and appropriate for our grapes allows us to respect and exploit our territory to the maximum, ensuring a constant quality.

With regard to white wines, we perform a classic white vinification, with temperatures of about 16°C to promote metabolism of the yeasts, preventing their stress with consequent production of unpleasant aromatic substances. 

Red wine making is supported instead by stirring which we believe to be the most delicate method to extract the polyphenolic substances from the skins of the grapes. The number of these stirrings varies depending on the quality of the grapes consequent to climatic vintage. Maceration of about 8-10 days is followed by racking.