Cantina Fratelli Dorigati

Handicraft production in the name of Trento Doc

The long road for production of Methius begins in the vineyard, strictly following the TRENTODOC discipline .

The harvest of sparkling bases is performed at different times, such as to obtain different characteristics in order to increase the complexity of the product.

A high acidity and aromatic quality are in any case sought, which the Trentino vineyards always manage to ensure, even with the most difficult vintages. A small percentage of base Chardonnay is refined until syphoning into small oak barrels, while the remainder and all the Pinot Noir are stored in steel.

The cuvée is subsequently prepared and syphoning is carried out, with the addition of the tirage liqueur in preparation for the froth. Refermentation in bottles is performed in an ancient cellar located under ground, where the low natural temperature allows slow fermentation and thus an excellent aromatic quality, but above all a very fine perlage. It is precisely the slow solubilisation in sparkling wine of the carbon dioxide produced by the yeast that creates the small fine bubbles. On the contrary, rapid fermentation at high temperatures would form a coarse perlage.

After this second fermentation which characterises the classic method, the Methius bottles rest for about 5 years in the same wine cellar, after having been arranged in stacks.

The bottles are moved annually by hand to suspend the deposit of yeast and thus to promote a greater exchange of substances between the sparkling wine and fermentation lees  (cell lysis of the yeasts). These substances contribute to increasing the body and end complexity of our Trento Doc.

In the fifth year the remuage is performed strictly by hand and finally the "dégorgement" (disgorgement) with the addition of the expeditioned liqueur the Trento Doc is then stopped with the definitive closing in cork and retainer.

After a few months of further refining the Methius is ready for consumption.

Behind these seemingly simple operations lies a passion for and attention to details. Each bottle of this precious Trento Doc is almost pampered passing at least 55 times through our hands.