Cantina Fratelli Dorigati

Why the pergola

In recent years throughout the enology world Trentina has been the focus of discussion on the forms of cultivation for use in viticulture.

The cultivation system influences, together with other factors, production from both a qualitative and a quantitative point of view. 
It is therefore an essential aspect of the planting of a vineyard. This choice must be made on the basis of the culture environment, the variety and the type of wine that will be made.

Our vineyards are entirely cultivated on Trentina pergolas. 
We firmly believe in this system of cultivation because it is suitable for the cultivation of the vine in Piana Rotaliana and in particular for cultivation of Teroldego. 

The pergola has the honour of protecting the clusters from the scorching sun of the core hours of summer days, where excessive sunshine could be harmful while at the same time allowing the morning and evening sunlight to penetrate through its central opening. 
This direct radiation is very important for the accumulation of polyphenols in the berry among other aspects. 

In the past, one of the problems that was found in relation to the form of pergola cultivation was the stagnation of humidity, which created the conditions appropriate for the development of rot. 
With new concept pergola systems, the leaf wall is held much more inclined (about 45°, at times more), thus increasing the opening above by favouring the passage of air. This also facilitates greater illumination of the clusters.

The vertical trellis cultivation systems (such as guyot and spurred cordon) allow, with respect to the pergola, increased mechanisation of wine-growing operations. 
This is certainly an important aspect, especially for an economic matter of reducing the cost per hectare. 
Our family-operated business manually performs most of the agronomic practices, from pruning to harvest. 
Essentially we believe that particular care of the vineyard, difficult to achieve with mechanised operations, is fundamental for the ideal vegetative-productive balance to obtain quality production. 

As such, we believe that a pergola if well maintained, looked after in a suitable manner, and used in the right environment, can produce excellent results from a qualitative point of view.