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November: short stock of the works in the winery

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    November: short stock of the works in the winery

    In this November's gray and rainy we are slowly forgetting the stresses and satisfactions of harvest , 2013, and we are focusing on other aspects of the business work .

    The decanting of wines in 2013 are on the agenda. Decant a tub of wine after the alcoholic fermentation has the aim to eliminate the scum of yeast deposited on the bottom of the tub , which especially for red wines can give problems or reductions of olfactory defects .

    The system monitors the malolactic fermentation , or the processing by lactic acid bacteria of malic acid into lactic acid.
    This year there are games in a natural way and are already largely completed.

    In the country, we are at the moment still, to the exclusion of fertilization . In fact, we are slowly making the mature cow manure in the vineyard of Rebo in Ischia , on very gravelly . Next week, instead we make any other gravelly soil (location Ischia and Casetta) of cattle slurry .

    These days we visited the Simei ( ) or the biennial trade fair for wine , where we went to hear the news.

    It took place in Mezzocorona Thanksgiving Day , organized by the 3P Mezzocorona ( young farmers) , to celebrate the end of the agricultural year .

    Many evenings we have spent together with our customers on their premises and restaurants to promote our wines. And many more we have planned for this autumn ...

    We will keep you updated .