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In memory of carlo

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    In memory of carlo

    Today we remember Carlo Dorigati. Brother, uncle and father of the current owners of the family winery Dorigati. Carlo disappeared exactly one year ago due to a tragic accident in the cellar during the harvest period, 64 years old. Premature death has left a huge void in the family.

    Carlo was a graduate of the Agricultural Institute of San Michele a / A in 1968, then immediately starting work in the cellar of the family alongside his brother Franco.

    Enologist by profession, he has always stood for the production of wines of character and at the same time of elegance and refinement.

    Carlo enjoyed being around people and his sympathy could be filled with joy and happiness anywhere. Certainly did not give the meditative solitude and peace and quiet, who often went to look for in the most beautiful mountains with his wife Ivana. He was also a keen orienteering, sports practiced every Sunday.

    His intellect, his calm patience and honesty has shocked many people, now remember him with affection and love.

    At 16:30 will be a Mass in memory of Carlo in our cellar, with Don Renato Scoz, historical professor of religion by Agricultural Institute of San Michele and now the official "Don" of Udias (Alumni San Michele).

    Hello Carlo, you who guide us from above, we hope one day to be able to thank you for the good times we had together.