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Diary of harvest

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    Diary of harvest

    Friday, September 13 were harvested Chardonnay grapes.
    A very good quality, especially considering the amount of grapes produced this year: far above average.

    The qualitative data was more important than the acidity of musts. In fact, the acidity is both for the production of sparkling wine base, that for the production of Majerla (Chardonnay Reserve), an important element for the fermentation, for the aging of wine, and finally for the lapel taste in the finished product.
    The total acidity was on average equal to high concentration of sugar.

    Now the musts were inoculated with yeasts and fermentation now takes place at low temperatures, around 16 ° C. Before the end of fermentation, when will the last liter grams of sugar to be performed, travaseremo Chardonnay in oak barrels. Here, in addition to finish the alcoholic fermentation, malolactic fermentation takes place and follows a refinement of about 10 months.

    For red varieties will have to wait again. Surely next week will be harvested on Rebo, while Teroldego and Lagrein have to wait.
    Perhaps you might be October before seeing the first wagons Teroldego to the winery ...