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Cantina Dorigati to VINOINTORNO - June 22 - Olevano Romano

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    Cantina Dorigati to VINOINTORNO - June 22 - Olevano Romano

    And 'with great pleasure that we communicate our presence at VINOINTORNO food and wine event, which will take place on June 22 in that of Olevano Romano in the province of Rome.
    Organizer of the event is the association Extrawine.
    From 17.30 to 24.00 the streets of the country will be able to taste the wines and meet the producers from all over Italy.
    A veritable feast of wine we participate with pleasure, partly because one of the organizers is the most passionate Pasquale Pace, our dear friend and above all a friend of the wine world. And 'he whom we thank for their involvement.
    We look so forward to arrive in Latium to spend a day full of love for wine and all it stands at the shoulders.
    For more detailed information please visit:
    While the Facebook event can be found here:

    During the day you can buy wines from the cellars present.

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