Cantina Fratelli Dorigati

This for us is making wine, for more than 150 years

We strongly believe that the best innovation is essentially a respect for traditions.

Care for the land is essential: as every good winemaker knows, the quality of a wine  starts in the vineyard. As such, we have since 1990 been adopting the wine “Memorandum of Intent” of Trento that governs the integrated protection of vineyards, selecting the phytosanitary products that can be used and which indicates the most appropriate and less impactful measures against phytophagous insects.

An example is the use of the sexual confusion for the fight against grapevine Moth and vine bugs that thus avoids the use of insecticides.
As such, the Memorandum is a certified self-discipline of winemakers of Trento and also equally regulates certain oenologic practices  such as the use of sulphur dioxide, imposing limits much lower than legal ones.

Living in contact with nature also means respecting its times and equilibriums.  With the plants in the vineyard and in relation to the wines in the wine cellar what we are seeking is equilibrium.
The equilibrium between plants and land, wine and man.
Wine is much more than a simple drink, it is the result of a unique synergy  between winemaker and environment, and it is not reproducible. Every wine carries behind it a history and an evolution that make it unique.