Cantina Fratelli Dorigati

The art of knowing how to wait

Ageing of the wine is a very important aspect and every wine has its own special requirements.

The classic white and rosé wines are aged in steel to preserve their freshness and aroma to the maximum
Classic red wines, on the other hand, are aged in large oak casks of about 30 hectolitres. 
These barrels have the honour of serving as micro-oxygenators thanks to the porosity of the wood, and thus stabilise structure and colour, evolving the wines, whilst respecting the varietal characteristics of our vines. 

Also with regards to the Reserve line, our approach to ageing is the same: observe the varietal characteristics of the wines, thus increasing their complexity, without denaturalising them. 
For this we use on the red wines only barrique from the third to the ninth step. 
These woods have thus exhausted the aromatic and tannic load and act mainly as oxygenators, evolving the wine without altering it. 

The rooms designated for ageing are situated on the underground floors, where the correct temperature and humidity optimise ageing and have allowed the wine to breathe in ideal circumstances for more than a hundred years. 

Then follows a further refinement in bottles, very important, which varies depending on the type of wine from 3 to 12 months.